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Know Them Before You Vote!

An Introduction to Our Viewers:  If you are following one of the handfuls of candidates being pushed by the Main Stream Media you are missing what you really need to know about the factors which today decide elections.   

It works like this:
        Those In Control (TICs),  run a simulated Election Event, stretching until the coronation on Election Day of their appointed winner. 

The Main Stream Media is their filter, ensuring those who they had previously decided was Unacceptable, stood a snowball's chance in Hell to win.  2-Way Interactive TV, All Platforms and All Devices, change your power to be heard.  

We did it in 1992 and we learned from that experience and are ready to take them on to win.  

Our Credentials for Running this Debate Tournament
          The Story of PhoneVoter

Visit PhoneVoter  to see just how much impact we had.  Today, the technologies are far more powerful.  To the experience you have on the Internet you can add 2-Way Interaction, all Platforms, and all Devices. According to Nielsen Ratings over 58% of TV households in America, today have a smart TV or 1,2,3 TVs connected to an internet device. Now, people can be seen and heard on mass-media.  Here is who we are.  You need to know this as well.  

Here is one example of how the TICs is controlling the outcome of our elections.  

Rocky de la Fuente  

Rocky is a billionaire who enlarged the fortune left to him by his father, who came to America when 
he was a young man.  Rocky worked hard, following in his father's footsteps.     
His positions on issues in 2016 were largely free-market and positioned him similarly to a
Reagan Democrat in a previous generation.  His site reflected concern for the homeless and a
straight-forward approach to solving problems.  His FEC reporting was clear and simple. 
Those can be found on the WIKI.  You can read about his stands on issues through the
Way-Back Machine. Apparently, his donations from individuals amounted to only $17,043. 
Rocky worked hard on his campaign and spent nearly $8,000,000.  Rocky's background.

Naturally, Rocky was not included in the 'real' debates.  Rocky came in 2nd or 3rd behind Hillary in a field of three on the ballot in 28 states, and he added himself to the ballot in six states as the Reform America Party candidate when the Democratic machine shut him out in those states.  Yet, if you ask Americans if they ever saw his name on TV they will stare at you blankly.  This will not happen on the Debate Tourney.  Every candidate can be heard, which will increase their support or kill it.  The people will decide, as is their right, and as they can now exercise.  If a candidate wants to use the government to eliminate choices; then the candidate should prove this is justified.

Hiring a President

Mind you, when we say 'win' we mean making it possible for you to know exactly who you are hiring to be President of the United States.  The Tourney lets you ask questions; get answers; assess the candidates; take a hard look at solutions proposed, and then vote using both your own judgment.  

The Debate Tournament, (The Tourney) is not a beauty contest.  You, the Voters, are interviewing candidates to determine which one will be hired to do an important job.  This is a process, not a stroll down the runway and a smiling wave at the audience coated with emotionally high-impact rhetoric.  

Invitations to the growing number of candidates are going out now.  There are 971 candidates; half of them have no party affiliation.  Every presidential candidate can sign up for the Tourney.  We have kept the cost low for TV, and you will have the opportunity to get to know all of them.  Note that last time, in 2016, there were around 1,400 candidates.    

The Critical Factor for Winning

Name identification is the most important factor if you want to be elected President of the United States.  Because of the way the Main Stream Media decides for you who is a 'serious' candidate, you don't even know how many candidates are running or the names of most candidates - and you know nothing about their qualifications for the job of President. We provide some useful tools for this purpose. 

                       Fill out the WHAT  YOU WANT QUESTIONAIRE on which issues you think are most important.   Then, you need to know what the candidate is going to do to solve the problems which most need to be handled.
    Does the candidate have a record for solving problems?  Did the solution(s) work?
    Did the solution depend on government, or has the candidate provided solutions that allow people to solve problems themselves?   
    'Solutions' which did not deliver the expected outcome, are not solutions in the sense me use the word.  They are theories.

Think about each of the issues which concern you.  "Just do something," could end up making the problem worse, solving nothing.  

To demonstrate solutions to problems we provide solutions ourselves for problems that are likely to be high on many people's list of concerns.  Solutions .  These solutions do not require any action by the government and are not funded with taxes.  

The Economic Realities of Government

The Tourney is the place to develop name identification through the process of getting to know each candidate.  We have designed a space where voters can familiarize themselves with those who are seeking an office that will impact all of us.  This includes their personal histories, their professional and educational backgrounds, their work as activists, their problem-solving abilities, and their motivations.  We think the higher the office sought the more thorough this process should be.  

The government consumes a growing portion of what Americans earn.  Government exacts costs which increase the cost of doing business, increasing costs to customers and so lowering their options for what they can afford.  Those who propose raising taxes need to justify this to voters.  Our Cost Advocate will assist by providing these insights using available information.  Then, voters can decide which candidate best serves their interests.  This is a Consumers' Guide to Politicians.  

Americans make choices every day which is a form of voting.  

94 million Americans voted in 'So You Think You Can Dance?'  The 'election was open for three hours.  Those who voted had developed an opinion on dancing skills and wanted to express their judgment.   We see no reason this should not be available so voters can make informed decisions on candidates in advance of the formal voting on Election Day.

This Debate  Tourney  

We offer candidates the opportunity to gain name recognition regardless of Party affiliation or lack of it. Today, 55% of Americans who have Declared a candidacy for the office of the president have done so as Independent, Refuse to State, Decline to State, with No Party, or by leaving the space blank.  This is similar to the stated affiliations of registered voters.  If a 'majority' party were to be named it would be Independent, most likely.  

The Debate Tourney provides the means for a  real dialog with potential supporters - and with chatrooms waiting this does not need to end with each debate.  Debates will be rebroadcast as well as available on our site and those of the candidates.  Questions can continue to be asked; comments made, and solutions suggested.  Those providing potential solutions can also become topics of discussion.  

The Debate Tournament will be conducted with College Rules for each debate, modified for audience participation and rebuttals several times during the hour.  Viewers will be seen on the mass media screen if your phone or computer is so equipped if you are asking a question, making a comment or suggesting a solution.  

Responses to our polling indicated clear preferences for a CEO/President who understands the limitations of their power;  understands the Constitution and will carry out the job without violating any part of it; will campaign for clear and proven solutions to the problems we face; and can put together an administration in advance of individuals who are competent, and informed on the specific responsibilities of the position to which they would be appointed.  

Imagine, knowing what you are going to get in advance!

No Soundbites

The Tourney provides the solution to the 'fool you' issue of Soundbites.   Americans want solutions, not more empty promises of how good it will be AFTER a candidate has been elected.  Solutions exist.  These will be available to jump-start the dialog.  Use these if you like - or design your own.  


Will ideologies matter?  That depends on the audience, not on us.  On this site, you will find proven solutions to existing problems that do not use the government for accomplishing the job.  These are ideologically neutral.  

Who is in charge of deciding which candidates should be considered 'serious'?   We humbly suggest that it should be decided by the voters based on their assessments of the candidates and the solutions offered by each candidate.  We predict the first candidates to the debate will be those who have realized their attempts to obtain coverage are not working.  We also predict that those candidates willing to answer questions from the audience will gain supporters rapidly.  

We expect that candidates who want to give voters a real choice and real solutions will sign up and take on the issues.  

Each candidate will answer questions posed by the audience and some by folks we are signing up from all points of the ideological compass.  Working solutions are not speculative.  They are solutions because they have been proven to work.    Throughout history, individuals have persuaded crowds of people that ideologies are solutions.  But this approach worked so badly many ideologically oriented groups found it necessary to rebrand their ideas.  So in the early 20th Century Communism became socialism, Fabianism and then Progressivism.  This ideology has many adherents who absolutely believe it can work to alleviate the problems which now confront us.  We look forward, with interest, to seeing if this can be demonstrated.

Going directly to solutions, how they work, what the outcome was when they were used previously, and (this is important)  what they cost, is far more to the point.  That is why we organized The Tourney this way.    Can those debating raise issues of character?  Yes.   Can the audience inject information, duly documented, that exposes liars?  Absolutely. And candidates can rebut false or erroneous statements in the same way.

Rounds One​​​ - Two - Three

TO CANDIDATES - We offer you the opportunity to gain name recognition regardless of Party affiliation or lack of it. Because  the MSM controls access you will not be able to gain the needed name recognition unless you participate.  The Tourney is your only chance to win in November 2020.   Here, you can begin a real dialog with your potential supporters.  

All Debates will be Tournament, using College Rules modified for the audience to create opportunities for asking questions of the candidates several times during the debate program time of 48 minutes.    

There will be a standard format.  There are three categories for debate.  For each Hour Debate the two candidates agree on one of these three categories of subjects to be taken up.     These are:

1)Economic Vision
2) Foreign Policy
3)Environmental & Cultural, legal and delegalization Leadership.

A candidate can lose or win in each of these three category tracks, and choose to debate with a focus in one category if he or she so chooses.  You and your opponent can decide the order in which these topics will be taken up for your three debates.   If the candidates can't agree, the first candidate who registered for the debates makes the choice.  At the beginning of the debate candidates will be asked to provide their solutions to the problems the audience has named relevant to the topic along with their Opening Statement.  

Our Advocates are available to provide commentary.  Their assessments, all based on documentable data, and will be made available with links from the Advocates Page.   Insights and further information from audience members will also be cited there.   

For the first Five Rounds, candidates may mutually agree to debate each other, one to one: inside your party, outside your party, and/or independents.  If party bosses want to hold an intraparty debate tourney, have them call us.   This process could result in filling cabinet positions, if the individuals find their shared ideas make this a good choice for them.  

The skills background for the many positions in an administration differ widely.  Providing the names of those who will carry out the duties in a presidential administration allows viewers to assess the judgement of the candidate for president, clarifying the issue of the judgement of the presidential candidate and what such an administration would actually deliver.  WE WELCOME ALL COMERS

This Debate Tourney can also provide specific issues more time and focus, such as we are offering with Surviving Climate Change.

If you, or your group, has an idea for a specific Debate for a purpose, contact us to discuss this.  

Leadership Panels

As a candidate, if you win five debates in a row in any of the three catagories you will have the opportunity to meet foreign leaders, foreign business leaders or major experts or advocates in that category in a Panel. Winning candidates for five debates will be placed on a panel with other candidates who have won five in a row to dialog with these individuals having specific expertise.  These are not debates.   

In addition to the topics which the candidates wish to introduce from the three categories, viewers will also be able to select topics before the debate begins by suggestions previously online on and from tallies.  The audience will make the final selection just before the Debate begins.  Additionally, the capability exists for the viewer to use their phone, tablet or computer camera with audio to be placed on the air by a screener.  A viewer can pre-upload a brief video and be on air to ask their queston.    

This can be interrupted by Call For 'PhoneVote'.  When 5% of the audience wants to end a presentation, it ends.  

The Audience will have three segments of eight minutes each to ask questions, some live.  Candidates debating then answer to the people along with debating each other.  Let's remember, this is a hiring interview.

These two parts of the format will take 48 minutes leaving 12 minutes for ten one minute commercials, five from each candidate; and intro instructions for viewers to PhoneVote, donate or volunteer. 

Register to Become a Candidate

Heading 2

Questions - Answers


Questions & Answers happen both live, when the show is not live, and in Chatrooms and threads.  These are expected to have significant duplication, as we all wonder about the same things all too often.  Tallies can be called for questions to be asked at any time.  The entire audience sees questions which have been posed and the number of people who have independently asked for an answer to that question.  At this point a Tally can be called for by a member of the audience. 
"I Call The Question,"and everyone votes YES or NO on the Question.  

Comments and refinements of the question can follow on new phonevotes.

These are compiled and made available to you, with minor variants on Q & A's listed.  
Yes, the names of Askers and Answerers will be included.  That takes care of the first question!


We Are Hiring

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