Presidential Candidates Debate Tournament

Simulated Debate

It will be lively, informative and occasionally - 


Dwayne Johnson

Zoltan Istvan



​Libertarian & Transhumanist

​2019 - 2020

Debate Tourney - 2020

For ALL​  Presidential Candidates

Americans begin a dialog with candidates for the
Office of President of the United States of America

Get to Know the Candidates 

Debates will begin in January or February.   This Debate Tournament is not a beauty contest.  We, the Voters, are interviewing candidates to determine which one we will hire to do an important job.  This is a process, not a stroll down the runway and a smiling wave at the audience.  

Responses to our polling indicated clear preferences for a CEO/President who understands the limitations of their power;  understands the Constitution and will carry out the job without violating any part of it; will campaign for clear and proven solutions to the problems we face; and can put together an administration in advance of individuals who are competent, and informed on the specific responsibilities of the position to which they would be appointed.  

The Debates provide the solution to the 'fool you' issue of Soundbites.   Americans want solutions, not more empty promises of how good it will be AFTER a candidate has been elected.  Solutions exist.  These will be available to jump start the dialog.  It is up to each of to choose for ourselves based on the proof a solution works.  

Our polls indicate the idea a President who would do this is very attractive to voters.  We have lined up people who are not running for office but have solutions to share.  We will provide cost/benefit analysis of all potential solutions. 

If you have a solution to one of the problems which we will begin compiling January 1, 2019, please contact us via the SOLUTION form.  

Round One​​

We have calculated there will be 1,500 Round One Candidates.  This means there will be 750 One-to-One Debates.  What counts for us is Declaring your candidacy with us and registering for a debate.  Newly declared candidates will first face off in a Round One.   As of January 1, 2019 there are already about 400 candidates who have declared with the Federal Election Commission.  The FEC wants to count your money.  We want to offer you the opportunity to gain name recognition regardless of Party affiliation or lack of it.  We want you to begin a real dialog with your potential supporters.  The soundbite is dead.  
We may offer intra-party debates, if candidates from a specific Party request this, however, these debates will run parallel to the All-Comers Debates.  All will be Tournament, with College Rules.  

There will be a standard format.  Three categories in each Hour Debate.  These are Cultural Leadership, Foreign Policy and Economic Vision.  Audiences will select the topics within these at the before the debate by suggestions previously online on  and tallies.  The audience will have three segments of eight minutes each to ask questions, some live.  These two parts of the format  will take 48 minutes leaving 12 minutes for ten one minute commercials, five from each candidate; and intro instructions for viewers to PhoneVote, donate or volunteer.  

Round Two

​​We calculate there could be 700 candidates at the beginning of the Round Two Debates.  We follow the back and forth of all candidates to remain apprized of their direction for workable solutions to the full range of issues and their ability to work with others to bring together an effective administration.  Character and the ability to lead by example matter.  

Questions posed by viewers will be given to candidates while they are online, live.  These are conditions which simulate what a candidate can expect if she or he is elected.  The Presidency is a tough job, and the individual in the office is expected to perform despite the pressure.  We expect viewers and candidates to be polite and civil but also to take on difficult questions directly and without evasions.  The use of evasive tactics is an issue which viewers can discuss in chatrooms to make determinations on which candidate can best serve to bring Americans together by solving problems and so will receive their vote for the Round.   

Americans love competitions but in politics campaigns do not test what needs testing.  Freedom Interactive TV is changing this. 


Round Three​​​​