Tally of Presidential Candidates in the first Quarter
Earliest Data - Update One

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director

The Silver Shovel Award, awarded to the Mainstream Media outlet which has most successfully buried the most significant stories in the specific period of time named by the Award.  
     Awards will be made monthly, quarterly, and annually.  Awards will be made by Freedom Interactive TV Network Association with nominations made by the public and voted on by the Interactivists participating in the show, which will air with its first nominations on a date to be announced in January 2020.  

The Message from America is this - We have to do something about what
Deep State is doing to America.

Don't You Just Love Having the Real Numbers?
​Supplemental Information is on the way!
Here are the earlier numbers

Below is the graph so you can see where we are today, February 10, 2020

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