Meet The Team

2020 will be The Year.
IIn 1992, I launched PhoneVoter TV Network with the intention of using Interactive TV to give Americans a voice - and a choice in Presidential Candidates.    This time it is going to happen, bigger and better, with more connectivity - from you to mass media and ON mass media.  Think  2-Way Interaction on Satellite, Streaming and Cable.  ​​
Brock d'Avignon
Executive Producer
  1. Gail Lightfoot
    Advocate - Former candidate for US Senate in California and RN, advocating for effective health care.
  2. Kate o'Brien
    Advocate - Civil Engineer, advocating for better materials for a sustainable human world.
  3. Howard Hinman
  4. Rick Seyssel
    Advocate - Expert in organic gardening, vertical growing, and lowering the impact of food production.
  5. Dr. Patricia Grant
    Dr. Grant has a PhD in business management and is also a former 1st Lt. in the US Army.
  6. Paul Read
    Advocate - Providing assistance for the Homeless, and understanding for the causes of what they are enduring.
  7. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
    Producer, CEO, Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association, CEO Women Leading (WLIT)
  8. Dave Lincoln
    Advocate - CEO of Lincoln's Risk-Registry, Ratings & Relief, advocating for a clean environment and for Refugees seeking asylum in America
  9. Vanya Jeanne Stokes
    Certified Translator for Portuguese and Brazilian.