Candidates - Name Your Administration

Running for President should be viewed as a job interview.  Becoming CEO of the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government comes with broad responsibilities.  Among these, is oversight of an Administration designed and staffed with personnel who are best suited to carrying out the delineated promises made to the American people who were, on the basis of these promises, persuaded to support and vote for the candidate.  Knowing in advance who will be working with the electee, therefore allows voters to better understand what they will get if their candidate is elected.  
​       Therefore, we are making it possible for each candidate to name their administration.  
       The faces below are place holders.  Candidates are invited to fill in the necessary cadre of able people now so that voters can know what kind of administration they will be getting for their donations and votes.
  1. Secretary of State
    Secretary of State
  2. Secretary of the Treasury
    Secretary of the Treasury
  3. Secretary of Defense
    Secretary of Defense
  4. Attorney General
    Attorney General
  5. Secretary of the Interior
    Secretary of the Interior
  6. Secretary of Agriculture
    Secretary of Agriculture
  7. Secretary of Labor
    Secretary of Labor
  8. Secretary of Commerce
    Secretary of Commerce
  9. Secretary of Labor
    Secretary of Labor
  10. Secretary of Health and Human Services
    Secretary of Health and Human Services
  11. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  12. Secretary of Transportation
    Secretary of Transportation
  13. Elizabeth Forman
    Elizabeth Forman
  14. Jesse Brake
    Jesse Brake
  15. Edmund Koopersmith
    Edmund Koopersmith
  16. Amy Lee
    Amy Lee
  17. James Stillwater
    James Stillwater
  18. Beatrice Rice
    Beatrice Rice
  19. Luther Funk
    Luther Funk
  20. Thomas Armstrong
    Thomas Armstrong
  21. Marian Replogle
    Marian Replogle
  22. Ayn Duncan
    Ayn Duncan