Candidates by Political Party or Independent Filing Status
with the Federal Elections Commission for 2020
and or registered via DebateTourney.com​​

Updated: 10 February 2020

The list below, the first we put up online,  includes the names, first and full names of candidates with party affiliation, if any.
On this page you find the total from July 2019 of candidates registering as running for the Office of President in 2020 Candidates began registering in 2016, continued in 2017, 2018 and on into 2019.  By February 10, 2020 1,097 had registered to run.  The first list, July 2019, can be viewed below with their party affiliation.  We soon realized more information would be useful to inquirers.

To see our update on the number of candidates running, the parties, and the REAL numbers for the faux 'Major' Parties, Republican and Democratic, visit our  UPDATE Pages.

Through the balance of 2019 the number of candidates for President in 2020 continued to mount.  This compilation is complete through the last day of 2019.   Those can be viewed at Second Update Page .

We will continue to add newly identified candidates who register in 2020.    

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