B&H  understands your camera and audio -campaign needs.

     In support, we are offering a 30-Day Loan Program for participating candidates to include:  Education, infrared camera attachment for your environmental exposes, incentives for participation in interactive shows with B&H, and uploading a video to shows. 

You can also receive virtual tokens for purchases from our catalog.  We are here for you!​​    Visit our site to see our special Candidates' Packages

Meet The Candidates

Declared Candidates who have registered to participate in Debate Tourney are listed below.  They come from a wide variety of party affiliations, and also with no party affiliation.

As you look at the faces of the candidates who have registered with The All Presidential Candidates 1:1 Debate Tourney you may notice candidates from some communities of Americans are more largely represented than others.  Our interactions with these individuals have broadened our understanding of their reasons for running; respect for the wisdom of ordinary Americans; and renewed hope for the future.

Invitations were sent, as of today, February 24, 2020, to all of those who announced their candidacies or otherwise announced this intention.  We have done all within our power to ensure everyone who wanted to participate could do so even if they lacked the funds to pay any fees whatsoever.  The Debate Tourney and all shows now in pre-production by Women Leading Interactive TV Network (WLIT), are committed to the broadest possible participation for all Americans.  'Ordinary' Americans can be extraordinary in many ways.  

As ordinary Americans, we all need a better understanding of our history and we provide a syllabus for deepening our understanding of our shared history.  Please look over the list and help us add to it.  Send suggestions using the form on the page.  Sincerely,  Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Find Out the Latest on the 1,126 candidates in the running today.  It is all there, Names, Affiliations, Contact Information and more.

  1. Phillips@mail.com
    Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
  2. Phillips@mail.com
    John Flynn
  3. Phillips@mail.com
    Dr. Patricia Grant
  4. Phillips@mail.com
    George A. Wilson
  5. Phillips@mail.com
    Daniel Kingery
  6. Phillips@mail.com
    Robert Manning
  7. Phillips@mail.com
    Michael D. Landingham
  8. Phillips@mail.com
    Christopher Hurley
  9. Phillips@mail.com
    Andrew Williams, Jr.
  10. Phillips@mail.com
    Keith Landi
  11. Phillips@mail.com
    James Ogle
  12. Phillips@mail.com
    Ryan Jackson
  13. Phillips@mail.com
    Joshua Usera
  14. Phillips@mail.com
    Gail Lightfoot
  15. Phillips@mail.com
    Dr. Doris J. W. Brown
  16. Phillips@mail.com
    David Frank
  17. Phillips@mail.com
    Carmelo Pinnavaria
  18. Phillips@mail.com
  19. Phillips@mail.com
    Johnny Henry

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Candidate Updates and News

Candidate Notes

Debate Tourney Updates

John Flynn is polling 21% in Connecticut to President Trump's 15% trailed by all other Democrats. 

Michael Landingham is experiencing some very unpleasant times with another candidate, not one of the Debate Tourney Candidates, but actually one who can be viewed as an MSM candidate, Donald Trump .  Evidently, when the President's family was still in Germany the family, then Trumpf, crossed swords with an earlier Landingham. So, Michael learned, the Trumpfs have long memories and are likely to carry grudges.  We are all praying for the rapid resolution of the situation.

Candidates are getting to know each other in the TV and technological beta-test period of interactive audience response systems before the first 250 debate 1:1 hour Debates begin.   Several have adopted one or more of the suggestions, tools, and shows provided to assist our Real Action Gatherings - TV (RAGtime TV) as the means for creating a sustainable humane economy and a sustainable Earth, as an approach to the problems of Climate Change Adaption.  

Debate Tourney candidates appear to be more interested in solutions than comparing the length of their bodily parts.  

Would you like to see MSM candidates here?  

All of those 'Big 30 Democratic Candidates' received an invitation to participate in Debate Tourney.  Biden received one.  So did Trump. 

Either they ignored the opportunity to have any interaction with you, a voter, or the offer was blocked by someone on their 'Team', very likely their Media Consultant.  Let me explain the several schemes carried out in  1992, which appear to be standard practices for controlling the outcome of presidential elections.  

George H. W. Bush went down to flaming defeat because he, or his campaign staff,  ignored our offer for Interaction and satellite TV.  Eventually, sometime around Christmas 1992, he realized what had happened.  Because it has always been the Bush Family plan to have Baby Bush (W) follow in the paternal footsteps, H.W. called on a long-time associate, Etienne d'Avignon , at that time head of the Bilderbergers, to arrange to buy out Keystone Satellite Communications, who had offered our esteemed founder, Brock d'Avignon, loss-leader satellite time to demonstrate how powerful Interactive TV could be.  

​Keystone was then valued at $10M.  France telecom paid $100M.  Price was no object when controlling America's presidency was the goal. 

H. W. Bush appointed a reliable GOP Party Hack Haley Barbour   Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Barbour let all GOP presidential candidates know they were not permitted to use satellite TV or Phone Voter TV Network (PVN)  services.   Since this was an order from H. W., further steps were taken to ensure no incumbent GOP president would get in the way when Baby Bush (W) ran in 2000.   

The most charismatic and likely GOP nominee in 1996 was Senator Lamar Alexander .  Direct action was taken to ensure he did not hear about PhoneVoter's offer for satellite, with their new partner, and Interaction.  A Bush agent, Mike Murphy, was planted in the Alexander Campaign as Media Consultant.    See the Full Story  

And to tie up loose ends, Bush made sure Dole, the Dull, was the GOP nominee and placed Jack Kemp as VP nominee to make the deal palatable to Conservatives still twitching in the Party.  

In 1993 the Self-Commission for Presidential Debates was established unilaterally by the Democratic and Republican Parties to ensure the Perot Event would not happen again.  

In 2000 it was the John McCain Campaign which was infested by Mike Murphy.  Murphy prevented McCain from earning about PhoneVoter.  McCain first saw the proposal when Brock d'Avignon handed it to him as he stood outside his Straight Talk Bush, waiting to concede in California in June 2000.  Cindy, standing there reading the plan with her husband, exclaimed, "John, we would have won with this!"  The McCain Story

Candidates have their own landing page on the Tourney site with information on their stands, the schedule for their Debates, PhoneVoter votes, and a link to their campaign site.  Candidates are listed by seniority, meaning when they sign up.