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Carmelo Pinnavaria

 Dear Friends,

I'm Carmelo Pinnavaria, a single individual among 7.5 billion people in this planet.

It's like a small 🐟 fish swimming in an ocean full of sharks. I am launching an SOS, it's matte of life or death. We are heading for self-destruction of our planet.

The superpower, United States, Russia, China with nuclear weapons are playing "Russian Roulette" heading for self-destruction of the human race, while people in the country are starving.

A judicial system protects the rich where you need to pay to play. It's your future, do not stand back fight for it.

For the above reason, I announce my candidacy for President of the United States. I seek your support because united we can make a difference. Please join the "We the People" party for the people.

 United can change direction, where can make a better world for future generations and us. May God guide us by lighting our road to safe way from extinction, May God bless you.

Carmelo Pinnavaria

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Our Mission
The Planet & America
Pick up the Pieces
The Planet & America

The Dream
Stop the Nuclear Race – Stop playing “Russian Roulette”

 Dispose all Nuclear material

A Free World, a World with one language

Respect for all Religion's

Eradicate Starvation around the World

Eradicate the deadly diseases that plague our Civilization 

Build Respect Between Us

Stand up and be Heard – Make a Difference

“One Person can Make a Difference And every Person should Try”

                                                                                            -  John Fitzgerald Kennedy

May God guide us by lighting our road to safety and away from extinction.