Debating Climate Change
What steps must we take to survive?

 Together, we identify Sustainable Solutions using Debates

The Debate Tourney Team not start out in agreement on this issue.  We did not agree on the causes; we did not agree on what steps needed to be taken to alleviate the problem - or even if there is a problem.  That took time, hearing the arguments, examining the evidence presented, looking for alternative explanations for what we had been tracking twenty years ago.   Even after we agreed on the impact which could be expected on humanity and our survivability as a species, and on the whole of the present balance of life on Earth we remained open to modifiers because we could not afford to overlook anything.  

Obtaining sustainability is essential to each part.  This includes for us and for our economy, our forms of governance, transportation, the energy we use, and our impact on the Earth below our feet and into space.  

Therefore, the Debate on Climate Change will include each of these factors and each will be assessed using the same tools, which will include rigorous fact checking, including the sources for facts, and a cost benefit analysis.  Each of us needs to understand how our own choices are impacting our world and, together, we must find solutions to each issue raised.  This debate focuses on solutions which provide detailed analysis and include all of the named factors.  

​There must be a transition from where we are today to choices which make it possible for us to survive as a species.  This survival must bring understanding between us as individuals as to the causes of the problems we are confronting. 

If youwould like to participate as an individual, on behalf of an organization you represent, or as a candidate for office, sign up below.  If you would like to hear someone else debate, nominate them and we will issue the invitation for you. 


Surviving Climate Change