​Presidential Candidates use Facebook routinely.  Others use Facebook for commenting on candidates.  So when we find their facebook pages we link them here.

Democratic Candidates for President - 2020

Dem Candidates for President 2020

2020 United States Presidential Election

Elizabeth Warren for President 2020

President Bernie Sanders 2020

Oregon For Bernie 2020

​Joe Biden For President 2020


Trump For President 2020

Austin Petersen Libertarian for President - 2020

​Kim Ruff‎ to Veterans for Libertarian Kim Ruff for President in 2020.

Meet Adam Kokesh, Libertarian Candidate for President 2020

The history of PhoneVoter points to the tools which can change our direction rapidly enough to alleviate enormous human suffering.  The problem has been the divides between us.  Fear, distrust, resentment, anger and grief born of betrayal and rage can only be healed by understanding the sources and finding release and healing in the knowledge we have come together to prevent these wrongs from continuing.  

You can be part of that process.  Help us make this happen.  Become an Activist.  There is healing in action, cooperating with others, seeing change begin and continue.  These will each take place, with your help and the help of others who have experienced the traumas of war, economic upheaval, and loss.  

Help us build.  Thanks in advance for helping.