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George A Wilson

Candidate Quote

"As a citizen, I can no longer sit and watch this Government continue too lie and cheat Americans. As a veteran, I understand the price paid by so many of us  who fought, bled, and give their lives so freedom might endure."

About me

I’ve had many challenges in life including moments of despair and depression.

I’ve been where people on the streets have been and beyond; I’ve seen many things from homelessness to living in my car until the city towed it because it was on private property and broken down. I lived on the streets, in parks, graveyards, hallways, even in transit terminals and tunnels just to name a few places.  I understand what so many face today and my heart overflows with sympathy.

 I never had much;  what I had or could get, however, I’ve always offered and shared with others like myself or those will even less.
Somehow I turned my life around. At my lowest point dad had said to me something that burned itself into my heart and soul.  Dad wasn’t a very emotional man; he was a realist and very stern. That’s why it shocked me that he would give me the best advice of my life.

He said, “Stop crying. You may be down right now, but lookup. You’re already down, get up. Work your way out of that hole. You dig until you reach the top. Don’t stop until you get there. The only place for you is up.”

He said these words with much pain in his voice. It still rings in my mind, “Get up, you’re my son.”  I could feel his love like a light so bright it penetrated my soul.  I found the road back, thanks to Dad.
Like homelessness, gun violence was another extreme experience that I faced. A friend of mine nearly lost her son to gun violence over a drug deal gone bad. He was shot seven to nine times and left to die. I was preparing to go to a youth revival in New Jersey where I was a guest speaker when a minister friend found me and told me what had happened.  The young man’s mother had requested me to come to the hospital. When I got there, I had no idea what to expect or see. I had arrived on the floor and there were family, friends, church folks and other clergies there and I could see they were feeling anger, grief, pain, and despair.  Pausing, I thought to myself, “All these people here why do they need me?”

Just when I saw the young man’s sister, she came crying and hugging me saying, “I know my brother will live now.” She then went to get her mother and I asked about his condition. His mother told me that he was touch and go and that he had flat-lined two times but they had revived him. She said, “I know if you pray he will live. The doctors said that if he lived, he would be a vegetable and would not know anyone.” I had told her, “Go to your son, he would flatline a third time but he will live.

In three days he will regain consciousness and know who he is and who you all are. Tell him I said get off the streets and back in the church.

So we all got together and prayed. While we prayed he had flatlined, the moment was so intense but we kept praying and he was revived for the final time. Together, we rejoiced that God has spared his life.

Who Lives and Who We lose  Only God Knows Why.

Long story short, while I was in New Jersey at a concert, back in California, my son was a victim of a drive-by. Over the phone, I was told conflicting reports. They weren’t sure of his condition. one said he was shot eight times at a stoplight in a military uniform in his car.

All I could pray was, “Lord help him.” That’s all I had. I had no words. I was in shock with only the questions who and why?

 I made my way to California not knowing what to expect. I saw his doctor in the hall and he said he was able to get five bullets but the other was enlarged in his hip muscles too deep to remove but he would be fine and was recovering well. The doctor had said he was lucky; it was nothing short of a miracle.

All six bullets had hit soft tissue.  None had hit any bones, arteries, or organs. He was a lucky young man. I saw his car and it looked like Swiss cheese with holes everywhere. The glass was busted out and bullet casings in and around the car seemingly hundreds of them. But my son had gotten hit only six times.

I went in to see him thinking I’ll see tubes, IV’s. and a breathing apparatus, but instead saw only one IV and he was smiling. I must have had this look of unbelief and relief at the same time. I hugged him and he started crying so happy to see me as I was him. I examined the six holes and praised God.

My son said that he was in no pain. I realized that when it’s your child, things change. Ever since I’ve given back to the inner city neighborhoods reaching out to people in need especially our young people caught in such close contact with violence.  I’ve counseled and taught them how to channel their aggression by finding their own safe place.

We all have our individual safe places when the storms of life arise. Mine is seeing the good in every situation and no matter what I’ve always found sunshine in humor. There is always the redeeming touch of something which makes me laugh, even if I have to reach to find it. I call it walking in victory.

You won’t get it often but when you do, you rejoice and praise God.

This helped me show young people facing terrible challenges on how to talk not yell and express themselves without fighting. I started with a few and it grew becoming an after school study and tutoring and later Saturday fellowship. It grew into Bible study with more youth attending than running the streets in mischief and drugs. From a youth group, it became a ministry where I was the pastor for seven years in Florida before I moved to California continuing my pastorship to present on social media, the Shepherd’s Heart Outreach Ministries.

 It was my love for all people that made me realize we all have a voice; we need to care for each other.  I became an advocate for those with and without a voice that had concerns and needs that needed to be heard. I started listening and voicing our concerns saddened when these fell on deaf ears.

 I never considered running for any public office or being involved in politics. However, I was inspired by former President Barak Obama’s closing speech he gave in Chicago after leaving office. He said, “If you don’t like the way your government is running, stop complaining and do something about it. Roll up your sleeves, get a clipboard and pen, get out there and get to work getting signatures. This is how you’re going to change things   - by getting involved.”

Former Presidential candidate Cory Booker shared how much it had hurt him when he put position and power over people before his other work with people. Cory went on to tell us about a young man who he had mentored in an inner-city group that he, Cory, had headed.  The young man was shot and killed while Cory was running for Mayor.

It had hurt him deeply not merely because he had neglected the group to proceed forthwith political duties but also because he had known the young man personally. In Booker’s own words he wept sorely with grief and guilt. He later spoke the words, “Every life is important and no oath of office should take priority over any life.”

In my own life, the man who most inspired me was former President John F. Kennedy who gave us the vision of going to the Moon and helping young people around the world with the Peace Corp.  The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also touched me deeply. 
Our country is broken.  With God’s help, together, we can fix this broken, corrupted, and divided nation. I want to unite us to, truly, become one people, moving beyond anger and hate. I want young people to have reasons for being proud to be an American.

Dr. King wrote these words from a Birmingham jail cell and we hear it echo again during his speech in front of the United States capital in Washington, D.C., “I’ve been to the mountaintop. I just want to do God’s will.” He goes on to say, “We have difficult days ahead of us now but I’m not worried.”

In his speech “I Have a Dream”, he states that all people regardless of race, creed, or color would come together and be as one. Have we lost our way?  Forgotten we are destined to become One?

I believe we can achieve that dream. We are what he fought and died for. One, without racism, just people.

We are that promised land. My passion is this, to restore America and her people back united once again under God.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. asked a question, “What is your blueprint?” It was addressed to students at a Philadelphia High School, but I believe it was meant for all of us because it still resonates loud and clear. Blueprint. A Plan, a pattern and model for becoming one people, spoken and lived first by Jesus, passed on, in love, by Martin Luther King.

As a learned from Dad, this starts with a deep belief in ourselves.  It rests of understanding our self-worth, living with dignity, and working to achieve our goals.  America has forgotten this. Dr. King said, “We must have the basic principles to determine excellence. Set out to do it as if Jesus, who died for us, called you at this particular moment in history to do it.”

It’s not too late, America.  

I'm here and I have found solutions to our problems.  Contact me and God Bless you!


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