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John Henry

        About Johnny
I was born in Baysprings, Ms., raised in a small town named, Soso, Ms., I am the oldest of 9 siblings, we all attended and finished college. In 1956-1965, my education began at Shady Oak Attendance center in Soso, Ms., and Iin 1966-1968 i attended high school at Roosevelt Attendance center in Ellisville, Ms., and entered  Jones college 2 years, left there and attended  Alcorn State University, a predominantly African American university for three years.
I was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1973 before I graduated from Alcorn state university.  I served 3 years in the armed forces.
Upon my ETS date from service, June 13th 1976, I immediately entered the University of Southern Mississippi, where I majored in Sociology and minored in Psychology with one year on my master's degree in Counseling in Psychology. I worked numerous jobs upon graduation.
I also ran for Justice Court Judge in Jones County  Mississippi in 2011 and I also ran for State Senate,  district 42 in 2015, didn't  win  either race but made a good run, I still think  about those races and the great efforts my people made toward that goal. I am an author also, done book signings in most Barnes and Noble stores in the south eastern United States.
I was also a member of numerous professional speaker organizations, John Maxwell leadership organization,, an online speaker’s bureau, and Speakers Publishers Association. My time in the Time to Teach International organizations was also inspiring and fulfilling. 

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My Platform in running for president is inclusive and bringing God's  great tree of humanity together to create and find solutions to our problems. 

I believe as a friend stated to me, "if I'm not  the solution, I'm the problem." 

Our problems, most of the times are created by us due to mistakes, bad choices inept decision making. My platform will work diligently  with the people to create new and powerful  leadership with vision, meaning and purpose,  moving it forward to save this planet for oncoming generations.

Saving mother earth by fighting against  those who continue to devastate our environment by drawing the life blood out of her, protect the rain forests, national parks, fight for equal rights under the law for all people especially  women, people if color and  people of different  gender orientation.

I believe teaching the truth in education is a must, in order to rid ourselves of racism, sexism and  greed, bigotry, greed etc...fighting diseases such as the coronavirus, Ebola, sars, aids and many others.outreach to young people to bridge the generational gap.

Supporting the middle class, working to inspire the rich and wealthy pay their fair share in taxes,  better health care  for all, create more and better jobs for people and work on decreasing the chances 9f a 2020 apocalypse by working with other countries for disarmament.

Johnny Henry's Campaign for 

Johnny's Committment to Our Future

Diversity vs. Racism: A Challenge to Mankind    Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Johnny Ishmel Henry (Author, Publisher), Chiquito Crasto (Narrator)

Diversity vs. Racism: A Challenge to Mankind, is a most revealing audiobook on the deleterious effects of racism, sexism, and homophobism in our society and throughout the world. It brings to the forefront the cancerous nature of these negative psychological diseases of the mind that exists within the depths of our society (souls) from the out house to the white house. The amazing passages of this masterpiece will explain the devastating effects of bias thinking at all levels of our society. The enlightenment of diversity will enhance our knowledge to eradicate these destructive forces of evil forces of subjective thought from our existence as a nation of democratic free people.