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John Flynn

John Flynn is an activist who has run for office before.  He is serious about changes which empower people and about a sustainable, humane economy.  
     John also puts in time helping those too often forgotten or overlooked and does not hesitate to confront those in power and call them on their wrong-doings.  Below are some of the videos he has made about this part of his life.  

Flynn on the Issues

John Flynn shines light on Petroleum Corruption

John Flynn 2001 whistleblower on Madoff

John Flynn helps a disabled, elderly woman who suffered two complete blood transfusions due to Bedbugs, this and other hazards ignored by the Norwalk housing authority in Connecticut. Norwalk just settled a case for one million

J#32 ( Book Reading at 1:30 at the Norwalk Public Library for families.

More Flynn at YouTube
Over 55 videos on  issues