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Michael D. Landingham

The experience of growing up black in America  challenges me.  It did when I was a child and it continues to do so today.  My solution has been to believe in myself and God.  My purpose is to bring all Americans together, past anger through understanding our past and turning our eyes to the future.  

Love One Another
I was born in Cleveland Ohio on September 24th 1981 and then I moved with my Grandmother and Great Grandmother to a little town called Lisman Alabama and I was raised in the church. 

My Grandmother, Geraldine Parker, and her mother, Daisy Parker, were a part of the Civil Rights movement and met Dr. Martin Luther King when we came through our town on the way to the Selma March. I grew up on the stories.  

Daisy's mother, my great-greatgrandmother, Luella Ruffin, was a full-blooded Chawktaw and proud of her roots.  She had an ability to heal, laying on hands and using herbs and infusions she made herself.  It is from her I believe I inherited my own skills for healing.  

They were all courageous, believing women. 

When I was 12 Grandmother and I were attacked by a gang of thugs.  She was badly injured when one of them hit her with a two by four.  It happened because I was trying to prevent a friend of mine from joining the gang.  Because of Grandma's injuries I was put into foster care until I was 18. 

It was as if my entire world had vanished.  School felt like just another punishment to be escaped.   

When I aged out of foster care I found a series of jobs, working at a theater as a ticket-taker, at a fast-food restaurant, and other jobs.

When I turned 20 I returned to Cleveland and found work in nursing and then in sales and then in Customer Service and sales for 20 years. relief in a short career as a Stand up Comic.  

I felt disconnected, empty all too often. I now realise I was looking for myself. I considered acting and becoming a pastor as well.  

Suring this time, I became a father.  No matter what, children are a blessings and bring meaning to our lives. 

My mother, Sandra Parker, I saw only once or twice a year, visiting her in the hospital with my grandmother, Mother's mother, and her great-grandmother, my great-great-grandmother.  When Grandma died her brother filed for custody of her and I was no longer allowed to see her, though I made legal objection.  I pray for her every day but have been unable to even learn where she is.  

Although I made some contact with my father's family I wanted to know more about them and about myself. As I got into the Landingham family I realized there was much to find.  

My family history on my father's side. Father's side of the family was part of the first American Revolution and I'm kin to George Washington the father of our country and also to Robert E. Lee, the southern general of the Confederacy and Clement Val Leadingham who was an Ohio Congressman that fought in the Civil War had links to Lincoln while he was in Congress with the copperhead movement and pretty much put us on a path to Civil War.

I'm a descendant of these bloodlines and I want to bring this nation together with love compassion and courage.

For the past 6 years, I dug into my Family History and I found blacks and whites who share our blood and our history and brought them all together as a Family under the name All Landinghams United on Facebook. 

I decided to run in 2020 because understanding your background, for me and many others, broadens the prospective on what we see, know and feel. 

There are 4 versions of the VanLandingham bloodline. 
VaLandingham and 
This is my  blueprint to bring all Americans Together with Love and Courage as an American Family and I believe I can do that.