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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

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"We need a sustainable, human, economy.  We need it for all of us - and for the Earth."

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Leon Smith, my Editor at the Lone Star Iconoclast, first asked me to run for president in 2011.  I laughed so hard I fell off my chair, but he persisted and I finally agreed.  We hoped to force a real debate for the Democratic Party.  Now, we need a dialog and a serious focus on solutions to the problems we face today.  Among the majority of candidates, who are Independents, Refuse, Decline to State, No Party and 'BLANK', unpartied candidates comprise approximately 55% of those running as of today.  

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Founder

2012 Campaign

 Sustainable Humane Economy Party

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Question: Asked to Mike Gravel:
Do you favor any free market Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) mutual medical finansurance plan which includes pre-existing conditions, insurances, and preferred human investments for all?  What does the audience think?

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​​2,001,560  - 41.1%

H. Evans -  I want to change my vote.  I just figured out that I can afford a house with %PAYE.  Even better, my two kids who moved back in with me can afford their own houses.  

1,970,352 - 40.5%

894,794 - 18.4%



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I read the website.  Did you see the stuff about the House of Lords starting  the RIPs?

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April 7, 2020 - Walking through the new Health Portal started by churches in Oakland.  Join us for opening of the Fresh Start Village with Health Portal Spa, maker shops and a small business incubator, for the formerly homeless who are homeowners, thanks to Percentage As You Earn .

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And Another Thing About My Platform
(This just occurred to me)

Below are some of the solutions which, now that I think about it, are part of my platform for change.  These are TV shows I designed for 2-Way Interactive production and distribution.  I had no intention of running for office of any kind because I burned out on that while I was still a Libertarian, lo, these many years ago.   I had realized early on that the economic model for politics in a world where corporations ran government made success impossible.  Then I realized 2-Way Interactive TV was a perfect delivery system for solutions which were, in effect, a way for people to surive the meltdown which was already looming.  

It was a wonderful moment - but getting folks to take seriously that TV was something which could deliver something better than the  Simpsons  was a daunting mountain still to be climbed.  

I am grateful for the short-sightedness of Those In Control (TICs), and also, and most especially, for the tech companies who have matured the tech tools which make what we are about to do possible.  And also to my partner, Brock d'Avignon - even if he did talk me into running for president again.  He is, afterall, the singular person (not another person like him in the world) who waded through the research to establish the prior usage of PAYE, established the example of PhoneVoter TV Network in 1992, and thus made this launch possible.  

Check out the shows and get in touch if you are interested in taking one of them on.   JOIN US

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