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About Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant began her career in our military and confronted the problems facing advocaates for justice in that system when she was tasked to gather evidence from women who had been raped while serving in our military.

Ensuring the safety of women serving and for justice have remained issues she takes seriously.  

Dr. Grant left the military after being disabled and began a new career  in organizational education and work experience specializing in the areas of military, business, political, community, and scholarly organizational environments.  She has a proven record of increased organizational productivity and growth through leadership transparency, interactive research and development, with the employment of objective and proactive problem investigations, preventive conflict resolution applications. 

  Patricia began work as a Community Innovator and Unification Advocate  in 1976 and continues this work today from the grass roots, political, community, and religious organizations.  She volunteers for human and civil rights programs, consults, advises, and actively participates.                    

Patricia in ROTC

The military was not used to women, especially Black women in uniform.

Patricia was determined to
do her duty.

After Patricia left the military she continued to work for equality.

Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Kappa Gamma Pi- National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society

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Patricia has made it her life's work to ensure people can depend on our system of justice.  Running for office is just another step on the path for returning to you control of your own life. 

She will receive your message and contact you directly.  Each of us matters and she feels this fiercely.