Debate Tournament Policies

Our FiTNA networks' policies versus what they are not:

Producers working with FiTNA associates' cooperation, must actively welcome all viewpoints and proposals from half-baked ideas, to three-quarters baked, or until the audience or host declares the topic ready for nationwide PhoneVoting. and the choice to choose monetary support.  Many ideas are developed over time and require further thought and testing.  FiTNa networks' rules are simple: 

1) We welcome all viewpoints and proposals for solutions. 

2) FiTNA producers do not censor nor shadow ban, though they should label political operatives masquerading as journalists or political operatives, no matter their current job. 

3) We think the audience is wise enough to sort out and PhoneVote on haters and crazies' proposals too. Better to let them blow off steam to justify their position and know what it is, than a few people to assume some mistaken responsibility to suppress it, and see the censored folks blow up violently in other ways to get attention. Thoughts and words are not violence, force is. If any host, guest panelist, or audience participant proposes a PhoneVote that requires force-of-law or military action, it must be in a dual separate PhoneVote than a Phonevote on the topic at hand. This un-confuses the audience between volitional entrepreneurship and social action. Thus, the elevated discussions on the topic, and its remedies are on separate tracks. The audience will decide whether the problems and solutions may be parallel to the topic, or at self-defeating cross-purposes because of the element of force, 

4) FiTNA producers will showcase multi-subjective opinions to act as checks and balances towards reaching truth and validity and a cogent argument; and thus more likely to achieve an objective solution that is sustainable. Solutions will clearly define the use of kisses, handshakes, and contracts -- in contrast to being mixed up with the assumption that state use of guns, governing, or war is the only way to approach a topic. 

5) Any viewer proposing some sort of solution in an upload or their face or audio, will go to the top of the screener's queue to get on air to mass media from their videophone, over those who just wish to gripe and complain, though that is valuable to identify a problem too. Example, if it is established by the audience that it is a worthwhile goal for all to have medical care, then various proposals for say a percentage-of-income tax handed to a single payer fuhrer of Medicare for All; or a percentage-of-income free-market Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) mutual medical finansurance of Human Investments in Personal Income Improvement Investments (Piii) financing pre-existing conditions, insurances, and or an Ironman Suit for 3% of income extra --  can clearly be discerned as competing for audience disapproval or approval. 

Any viewer should be able to set the agenda for discussion as much as any producer or host's bias.  Our producers' sponsors may reward audience participation and coherent video uploads calling attention to a topic and or solution. There is a lot of wisdom out there, FiTNA associates say let's hear and see it.

​Sponsors can be assured that there are less likely to be boycotts by those who do not wish to see, hear, or know evil;  and more likely to be buycotts for sponsoring competitively all opinions attracting a wide audience to analyze evil, while offering attempts at good solutions in freedom. For example, FiTNA's slogan for our All Presidential Candidates' 1:1 Debate Tourney is "Freedom is the Choice to Choose -- without it you are merely a member, an instrument, a thing." --Thomas Jefferson. He and Sally Hemings ought to know.