The Path to the White House

Winning the 2020 Election

Ask yourself why you are running and what you could accomplish

Before you Register  & Declare The possibility of your being elected to the Office of President of the United States depends entirely on your name recognition and building a base of support. 

        You have until Primaries and to Election Day, November 3, 2020.  This election will see dramatic changes in how the people hire the President of the United States, the individual tasked with managing the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.  
        Any qualified American can be elected IF that candidate has positive name recognition and a broad base of support built by solving the onerous problems America is facing.  Solutions, not rhetoric.  Along with making human life on Earth sustainable, we need a  sustainable human economy. and a way forward to a future of diverse paths to prosperity and peace.
         This would be a rhetorical device if we were not presenting the tools to make these goals achievable and affordable.  Candidates are welcome to adopt these into their platforms.  Again, action beats rhetoric.  

        In 1992, as our first experiment in presidential politics and using primitive forms of 2-Way Interaction, we were able to push Ross Perot from 2 - 8 %, to 38%.  Our two other 'official'  clients, Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan, went up at 2 points a day to 21% of their respective parties.   Bill Clinton, chased by the scandals he knew would soon erupt and damn him to an ignominious return to Arkansas, took all the advice we provided and evaded paying us the finder's fee for the last satellite up-link truck available we had found for him.   As for allowing Americans a voice, he carefully evaded saying anything more substantial than, "I feel your pain."  Clinton went from broke to winning as he edited the film of himself meeting elderly ladies in diners.  This demonstrated the power of audiences made up of millions of people who do not know the facts and cannot ask questions.   

        With the 2020 election, all of the past assumptions will go out the window.  Voters will be able to know who you are, what your life says about you, and assess your solutions to America's problems well in advance of the Election and watch, listen, and ask questions, as you meet with world leaders if you win five debates on any topic track.  The day of Pig-In-A-Poke-Politics is ending. 
       You do not have to be the nominee of a major party; we proved that in 1992.  You will not win by running a campaign designed to sell your charm and non-existent empathy, as Bill Clinton did in 1992.  
        You do not have to be a billionaire.  As you will see, billionaires have lost before, despite being decent people and having good ideas.  They have lost so badly you never even heard of them.  
        Read the section below, which will provide you with important information on the steps you need to take if you are still interested in running for president.  

Essential Facts and Costs

                 Visitors to the Debate Tourney will find you between your debates on your Landing Page.  This will be your page for greeting potential supporters and providing  their first taste of direct interaction.  Your Landing Page is linked to your photo on the Candidates Page. Your Landing Page is up to you, of course, we put on it what you want.  We also suggest you use this first contact with potential supporters to give visitors opportunities to ask questions, get answers, and provide frequent updates on your campaign.  This is also where they find the links to your own sites, social media links, and other campaigning tools.Your landing Page can also be used to build out your precinct organizing and other local events, which grow your base of support even without a political party.
          Just like you see with sports figures, your Landing Page is there to provide your debate videos of you past Debates, view any panels for which you qualify for participation, and find tallies and links to your Chatroom.  
        It takes about 48 hours after you finish registering for your Landing Page to go live for us to get your Landing Page finished and online.  Get us the necessary information needed so supporters can donate, pledge, volunteer and know they are appreciated.  No one has a perfect memory so we suggest you start a Farley File.  Debate Tourney focuses on solutions, so here is where you can find local people to assist with projects that help you illustrate what solutions really are.  
         People have told us they don't think candidates are willing to really engage, but we disagree.  It will take wide-spread action to change the direction of our economy, end homelessness, adjust for climate change, and more.  The only way this can happen is if we change our model for action to direct and local.  
           Many potential supporters will pass you by if they cannot communicate with you and receive a reply.  This is the Age of Interaction.  We are merging social media with TV.  Remember the impact Fortnite has had already. 

   2-Way Interactive Mass Audience Participation 
      You can forget about buying ads on 1-Way TV.  Tom Steyer should have contacted us; it would have been cheaper for him to debate here.  It appears that he has expended about $100M and gotten one interview on 1-Way TV.  He could now have far more name recognition and found solutions to the pesky problem of foreclosure, which is making so many people who are minorities and living in poverty, homeless.   2-Way, Mass Audience Participation, which we describe as Reality Activist Gaming TV, (RAG time TV), will displace passive rapidly, as talkies replaced silent films.  TV Advertising will also change. 
          We expect substantial content, working solutions to problems, and candor from candidates.  Interactive 2-Way Mass Audience Participant TV from all Platforms for all Devices is the best and most effective form of advertising.  We know you have been told TV is too expensive for you, that it is beyond your reach even if you are a billionaire.  Two decades ago, this was true.  No longer.  Technology has moved past previous limits.  And in parallel with other technologies, the prices have dropped.   Don't feel silly, all candidates even the Billionaires, are fighting to be 'included', so they can 'make the cut' and be 'on The Stage' to emote meaningless soundbites.   The criteria for getting on those private 1-Way TV shows has been polling and donations from people who don't know you exist, because the party bosses and corporate media have made it impossible for anyone to know you exist.  It is a scam.  Soon, no one will be paying attention to the squawk-a-thons.   

The Fuel TV Runs on is Advertising        
       Because of the carefully scripted con-job to which you have been subjected, you have likely focused on what does not threaten the Establishment.  Forget that.  Now, you can plan for what you need to provide to get voters to support your candidacy based on practical issues, for instance, what you are doing to do about Climate Change, renewing the economy,  or saving the Earth from an asteroid impact. 

      This is exactly what we make available and you do not need to be a Billionaire, not at all.  To debate on DebateTourney, you do not need to be invited by either The Major Parties, which today, have fewer candidates than candidates affiliated as Independent.  

      More Americans every day are looking for something else.  And you can have the means for connecting with Mass-Audiences with 2-Way communications through ALL platforms and from all devices.  Your party affiliation no longer matters.  You have at your disposal these technologies for RAG time-TV.  MSM ratings are tiny when you look at the statistics.  One example:  In 2017 CNN had 157,000 watchers in 2017;  1.1M viewers watched through the CNN phone app.  Fox News has 1.5M viewers on TV but only 300,000 on their phone app.  Politics has provided a bump up, but that will end when people can see real debates.  Equating this to 'mainstream media' is like thinking you are going to the Superbowl and finding a PeeWee football game.  Apologies to Pop Warner.   

      Our 1992 Debates interactivity used sattelite, phone call tallies, and computer tellapolls and published results.  We were broadcasting on Satellite TV.  Tallies and asking questions was then available.  This threatened  the two major parties, then in the hands of President Geo. HW Bush, still the head of the GOP, and Bill Clinton, who cheated his way into the Oval Office as the Democratic candidate.  Bush and Clinton cooperated for establishing the private and exclusive Commission on Presidential Debates, incorporated in 1993. 
      The hard-ball questions asked by the League of Women Voters were not popular with either the GOP or Democratic parties.

For the real story See 1993 on PhoneVoter

1st Dibs Advertising, Public Relations & Cause Marketing  Agency
        DebateTourney, like all TV, runs on selling Advertisements to be shown during your debates.  We have our own Advertising Agency.  If you would like to make money selling your own ads, you certainly can.   
      If you sell your own ads then  you will need to send a notification with time, content and how to access the feed for the debate  to News Directors.  This allows the News Directors to run a segment on their news show.  This vastly and rapidly builds the audience.  If you like, you can have us train one of your staffers to inform News Directors - or we can do this for you and charge you for the service.  The Ad Agency will make a profit from this, but, if you like, you can do it yourself and keep the profit for your campaign.  They are motivated by getting 15%, which is added on.  This is how the Advertising Industry operates. 
         We know many candidates have business friends who would run a promotional ad as additional support.  That is your friend's choice.  Ads your supporter runs for their fast-food restaurant should be very welcome.  Advertising is commercial and handled through Deep Green Futures, Inc., incorporated in Wyoming.  
          1st Dibs Advertising , PR and Cause Marketing Agency, is our in-house ad agency. 

       Distribution for Debate Tourney will be through coast-to-coast Satellite TV and multi-device streaming, with cloud services for audience PhoneVoting, Interactivity, and monetary support for your campaign.  An advantage of satellite TV is that you can notify all network and local TV News Directors that the Debate will occur at a certain time and be available on a certain satellite at which they can aim a receiver dish and have permision to run extracts, of the entire segment, on their news shows.  Cable News Directors will often also pick up this content and run it themselves on news shows.    
        We will make Uplink studio arrangements near your home or another site, your preference, at the specified date and time if that is your preference. Unless you specify otherwise, we look for the least expensive alternative.  These alternatives can now include your SmartPhone.  Our tech partner TheVCC.TV can reliably connect your Smartphone through all platforms and devices to the show.  We provided you with a full tutorial for using TheVCC.TV on the home page .

             On your Landing Page expect a handling fee of 3- 5% for processing donations or purchases, besides your own costs of fulfillment if these take place on your Debates Landing Page.  Freedom Interactive does not take any referral fee for donations or purchases which take place on your own, external website, even when they arrived there through your landing page.    

Campaign On Satellite

If you wish us to produce and crew a Campaign On Satellite (COS) for you this is separate and negotiable.  If you do not have your own ad agency you can coordinate production of Interactive Ads for your sponsors with some upfront programming fee and 15% commission on the media buy and/or other gross income from sales.  
       PhoneVoter TV Network handed several presidential candidates in 1992.  This included one candidate who reached 38% and one candidate, receiving hours of counseling, who won.  PhoneVoter 1992
         This is a different kind of campaign, one which gives you rapid feedback, both positive and negative. 

         And as we told Bill Clinton when he was flat broke in March of 1992, people will donate.  

Register Your Candidacy

          Now you have the costs.  If you still want to run for president the next step is Registering.  Then, you Declare Your Candidacy.   By law, you are required to file with the Federal Elections Commission, but that is up to you.  Some candidates, on conscience, refuse to file.  We stay out of it.            
         Registration includes the Landing Page.   This is $3000, with an earnest payment of $500 minumum, if you can't afford more.   You will receive a receipt from Freedom Interactive TV Network Association, our non-profit, incorporated in Kansas.
          Registration is a simple statement between you and the Debate Tournament Committee for Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association you are asking to be added to the website, have a landing page, and moving to your public Declaration of Candidacy.  We assume this will involve discussions with your Campaign Committee and, perhaps, a public announcement you have Declared your Candidacy.

​            If you have any questions message us and we will respond asap.


After you have Registered use this form to contact us so we can discuss your plans for Declaring, if you have already made these or to explore further possibilities to publicize your campaign.  

Here is the form for: 

        Declaring Your Candidacy