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Robert Manning

  Robert Lee Manning Jr. (Bobbie Manning) began his career in aerospace with McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company building the MD-11, C-17 (T-1 Air Force) however specializing with building the commercial MD-80 airplane. Bobby confronted all sorts of aerospace and space issues up to and including thinking up, getting engineering approval, handcrafted, and ultimately installing a part onto an MD-80 series airplane, fixing an ongoing problem costing the company millions. This was Bobby’s first real invention. It involves the “Thrust Reverser” system, controlled from the cockpit. This and many more skills of his earned him the Star Technician Recognition Position in building 80.
Bobby was then afforded to allocate over research he had already been developing since the age of 14 while raising roller and tumbler pigeons. This research eventually got complete interest of the United States government; especially since the knowledge directly involves with interstellar prolusion technology and or moving his spacecraft design up to speeds at: 1.67 million light years per second. This entire concept was said impossible by physicists. NASA’s JPL dept., Dr. Randy Wesson / Bob’s colleague, in part: “it is ahead of NASA’s research. In fact, just a fraction of achieving light speed travel technology is at least 100 years down the road even for us. How he did this I cannot phantom.”

Its evident Bobby discovered something even the entire scientific community not only had knowledge of, but actually denounced for over 100 years – up to and including by Albert Einstein. A deal of high magnitude was on the horizons; and, a non-[atomic]-[killing]weapon deal at that. As we have enough weapons on this planet. In fact, the average atomic weapon can split God’s beauty in half – literally. And this is not to mention the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland; its’ capable of creating a micro size black hole in the laboratory, but at the end of a workday it’s big enough to swallow up said planet. The People who control our economies of scales are the same people Mr. Bernie Sanders described in his 1981 video and or the so-called: “Hand Full (s),” and technologies thereof. That’s is not good.  
Bobby received his bachelor’s in science, “Professional Aeronautics,” Summa Cum Laude, Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University. Bobby led a group on a NTSB report very known to the aeronautical community; the Alaskan Airline crash which killed all 88 onboard in California.

Bobby’s work not only got him an “A+” grade, but it also ended earning him a spot in Hollywood’s Spotlight. As Bobby was honored to have his work superimposed across the big screen in the movie “Flight.” Not to mention the fact that it also earned him the [extra] credit he needed to graduate and receive his college diploma! The movie also starred his favorite actor Mr. Denzel Washington. Amazing portrayal of real-life events, which Bobby Manning has many more of to be shared with the entire world.

​  Eager after their gained attention, NASA wanted to test “Bobby’s Theories” so they asked, in part: “We want to utilize your interstellar propulsion research that involves Light Speed travel, can we make a deal Mr. Manning?” And as the Patriot United Sates citizen that he is, aligned with the prior 25% agreement, Bobby replied: “Yes, sir.”  Matthew Hegler of Cape Canaveral brokered the deal, “on-set,” NOCH letter date, to build a device that would study his research relative to: the sun’s CME’s (coronal mass ejections) causing what was usually [just] known as the “Pretty Northern Lights” to the physicist and the experts except Bobby;

Magnetic Re-connection; how Bobby is applying his research: roller / tumbler pigeon and their keen sense of frequency hearing, up to and including the ultimate knowledge to the subject matter: why the birds flip and or tumble the way they do anyway. As he’s opposing [scientific beliefs]: “the birds are having mid-air seizures”; how their abilities to see at the ultra violet spectrum play a part in it all; the type of design of his interstellar spacecraft relative to interfacing his material; and, the ship’s 1:1 communication ratio  between planet earth and the vehicle, all meant to move the U.S.A. to an all original space-leading- position to be fully reckoned with worldwide. The teams came up with the device (s) called: NASA’s MMS. MMS are 4 basic instruments, along with other mission projects, to study the high energetic particles about the ionosphere; the Van Allen Belts; and, again, the design approach to launch a vehicle into the electrical universe, less the newly  mathematical calculations which are still being developed, of course; spacetime’s escape velocity (s). Space X then launched the device into orbit in 2015, and we are still receiving relaying data back to earth concerning said phenomenon. And so far, Bobby has been on [“X”] point sort of speak.  

  Thus, Bobby has placed the United States closer towards the path for learning light speed travel than anyone, cutting the time frame down by at least 85 years while saving the average American citizen aprox. $731,000,000,000.00 per half decades’ the proof of concept it takes to make it. Congress – especially the people, will never know this “Back-end-Computer-Coding,” sort of speak, process. As they’re going to try and justify many more trillions to be allocated on “We the People,” all while already having pocketed previous savings into their Swiss accounts sort of speak, all pursuant the knowledge they’ve ascertained by way of Bobby Lee Manning Jr., so they think.

​Bobby Manning hasn’t only contributed to figuring out the correct approach to light speed travel, but he’s also contributed his spin-off technologies; ideas proven to have healing characteristics for things like O-Zone layer Closure – permanently. Yet, all these great contributions, research, and other ideas Bobby Lee Manning Jr. has mentioned hereon and throughout, still none compares to the Public Corruption (research) he’s also ascertained over these same periods of time. Point taken: There’s no way in the world Bobby Lee Manning Jr. would allow an already known and corrupted government-nation, infrastructured on prior principles and or Acts, to solely control such technologies.

​  But more importantly, their continued ongoing criminal activities involving racisms and the “Law Corruption (s) (such as: Civil Rights Act 1866, 1981, economic inclusion). As State and District Court Judges are still a part of this RICO Act (s) their proven greed (s) exhibited over the years; Laws made meant just for Bobby Lee Manning Jr. made look different; and the revolving doors not proportional in the exchange rate for equality. For instance: said Paten law, a “First to invent” to a “First to File,” Bobby Lee Manning Jr. was waiting to see who would come forward with the TRUTH: As he was supposed to have received the same equality in that high profile deal as would a Boeing Aircraft Company, for instance. He did, however. Bobby Lee Manning Jr. (Stakeholder) would be a stupid SOB not to run for President of the United States while tied to the biggest invention in the world purveying all the pocketed trillions yet to be proven by witnesses such as Mr. Bernie Sanders:  

  Bobby Lee Manning Jr.’s main reasons he’s running for the Highest Office in the Land, to:  (1) Stop corruption in throughout our entire judiciary system, starting with those top controlling Officials who have been evading already identified by witness: Mr. Bernie Sanders (to testify), et al; (2) implement a comprehensive, real plan with: H.R. 40; and (3) make planet earth a multi-planet-human-race relative Bobby’s said some 30 plus years’ worth of interstellar travel research. 

Bobby Lee Manning Jr. is the only candidate – person in the world in fact, who is actually putting the United States not that much closer of becoming a multi-planet-human-race. He’s also the only candidate ready to engage reprimanding those having committed “Public Corruption (s),” people like Mr. Bernie Sanders having first-hand knowledge theory of. He will ensure to look him right in his eyes, and say: “Mr. Sanders, why in the world are you and your agents protecting these criminals?” Continuing: “Mr., Sanders, we need the names and addresses of these so called “Hand-Full” of controlling individuals of our economies of scale – NOW!” Bobby Manning will refresh his memory if need be, Mr. Bernie Sander’s own 1981 video. After Mr. Sander’s testimony and or those like having knowledge thereof, together we will end public corruption. Then and only then will “We the People” be able to travel [safely] about the Universe. Hence the name: Photon 137 commonly known as the “Aurora Borealis Launch Vehicle.”

Matthew Alexander Henson (August 8, 1866 – March 9, 1955) was an American explorer who accompanied Robert Peary on seven voyages to the Arctic over a period of nearly 23 years. They spent a total of 18 years on expeditions together.[1] He is best known for his participation in the 1908-1909 expedition that claimed to have reached the geographic North Pole on April 6, 1909. Henson said he was the first of their party to reach the pole.

Also, with great emphasis:

There’s an African American female who created hit movies known to the world as: the “Matrix” and the “Terminator.” The lady’s name is Sophia Stewart. Mrs. Stewart found herself wrapped up in court battels filled with so much judiciary corruption, “Drain the Swamp” would need Rotor Rooter to help it out. Sophia Stewart was / is possibly owed billions, USD. This is a very impactful statement to our economies of scale. This economic shift control mechanism’s evidence is nothing less than ongoing Acts of criminal activity being engineered by the wealthy. Again, Bernie Sanders touched on such Acts in said video yet failed to call it out for what it really is – “White Collar Crimes” that’s lapsed into a National Security issue. These corrupt and conspiring Court systems and their agents must be held accountable, arrested from their benches if deemed necessary. As the tone must be set most swift by someone.
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