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Ryan Jackson

Biography of Presidential Candidate Ryan D Jackson 2-20-20

Ryan Daniel Jackson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Holy Cross to mother Cynthia White April 24th, 1983. Ryan’s father is James Edward Jackson a US Army Veteran and carpenter.

Ryan was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana with his 3 siblings. He attended middle school at school 110 and Harshman 101 before moving back to Utah as a teenager. Ryan is 36 years old and attends Salt Lake Community College as a Political Science and Criminal Justice Major. He also worked for the Globe at SLCC as a student and became advanced 2 years training with a Certificate in the State of Pennsylvania. He attended CTU as a student while training as a Health Insurance Agent for US Health Advisors in Draper, Utah.

Shortly after, his father became sick so he traveled to Carbondale, Illinois to take care of him. His father was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was a type 1 diabetic and had COPD. His father's mother was from Tennessee and her late husband was from Chicago, Illinois.

Before his father passed his Grandmother had a stroke while in his father's care. In 2018 Ryan Jackson volunteered for the United Utah Party for the Summer Social and enjoyed working with the community! Both community and family are foundational parts of Ryan's life and he is committed to healing the fractures in the lives of Americans both by running for office and by working in the community. 

Ryan ran for US Senate in 2018 while Campaigning in Salt Lake City and West Valley City.

It was the failure of any presidential candidate to propose working solutions that moved him to run for president himself. 

Ryan D Jackson is an Entrepreneur who understands the need for cooperation and caring for others.   

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Ryan's Platform for All Americans
4 Point Platform 

1. Criminal Justice Reform
2. Affordable Healthcare
3. Affordable Housing
4. Education