What Presidential Candidates ​​

       The scumbags (This is a broad category including Deep State, Elites, their paid flunkies, such as political consultants and journalists) win by eliminating your access to interaction with American Voters. 
     This is why Mike Murphy refused to let Lamar Alexander see the PhoneVoter Proposal in 1996.  George H. W. Bush wanted Dole to be the GOP candidate because he knew he had the charisma of a wet sponge and could not beat Clinton, who would have satellite 27/7/365 through 1996. 
       Losing in 1992 had sharpened HW's wits.  He was deeply angered to have become a one-term president.  The impossible had happened, two impossibles, in fact.   Ross Perot, the whiny bookkeeper began to rise in the polls at an incredible rate of 2-points a day.
          And then an obscure, down at the heels southern governor began to pass all the regular Democrats running in the primary. 
      How the 1992 campaign became a puzzle with many lame suppositions and no persuasive explanation, is a history that changed American politics.  This was the event that exposed how thin the control had grown for the Scumbags were two forms of new technology, Satellite TV and Interactive, audience response television.
        Allowing people to voice their opinions in real-time made mass-audience communications, to a show or even between people watching, possible.  This had to be stopped.  
         Money solved the problem with Satellite.  In 1996 Bill Clinton, through the DNC, bought satellite time for himself 24/7/365 for the entire year.  By agreement with HW Bush, now focused on running George W. Bush in 2000, the GOP forbade the use of Satellite to GOP Presidential candidates in 1996.  In 2000 Bushes Senior and Junior both campaigned for W with constant satellite.  This time, the Whistle-Stop Campaign included a flatcar with Satellite up-links.  
            Mike Murphy was assigned to ensure he could stop any mention of Interactive TV from reaching the campaign of John McCain.  
           Being Murphied is only one lurking danger - but it usefully illustrates the roadblocks placed in your path - even if you are a Billionaire.  Just watch the news unfold and you will see what we mean.   Without Interactive 2-Way Mass-Audience Participation TV we can say for sure you do not have a snowball's chance in Hell to win in 2020.  Billionaire or not, this is equally true. 

                                                  Lamar Alexander         John McCain            Mike Murphy  

          A very clever guy named Brock d’Avignon started PhoneVoter TV Network, which offered services and consulting to ALL presidential candidates in 1992  This included a great price of satellite TV and a primitive form of Interaction with voters.  PhoneVoter’s signed-up clients in 1992 were Ross Perot, Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan.  Bill Clinton was also a client, but he never paid.  But every element which created his campaign came through PhoneVoter.  
        Brock did not know what had happened when he handed me the musty folders with his notes and proposals in late 2016.  This was a case of being too close to the trees to see the forest.  We put the evidence up online so you can see it for yourself.      
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