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Seven the Dog

“I’m running for president because I believe a dog with a face like mine can bring humans together,” explains the Australian Shepherd. “Humans can learn a lot from their dogs and now is the time for dogs across the country to teach the art of unconditional love and respect.”

Seven is a four-year-old former show dog who was adopted by Oxnard resident Susan Hartzler. Since moving in with Susan, Seven has become a professional actor and model as well as a Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs International. He is the official Therapy Dog for Oxnard High Schools where he brings his special kind of puppy love to kids every month. He is offering his services as a Therapy Dog to both Democrats and Republicans in his bid to “Bring America Together Again”.

Learn more about Seven’s adventures  and we hope to see you at RESCUECON.

Visit Seven's Campaign Site!

Seven the Dog's Campaign

GTalk to Seven's Campaign Manager, Susan

Seven the Dog is running for President of the United States in 2020! His campaign slogan is “Bring American Together Again.”

His official platform is a home for every dog and a bone for every dog. When elected, Seven is going to build a wall to keep all the cats out. He is going to have the cats pay for it! Visit www.LuvMy.Dog to show your support for the Canine Candidate from the Puppy Party!