The World Changes In Unexpected Ways - and at Unexpected Times

Like Now, for Instance.
Today we routinely elect people to office about whom we know very little.  We need to know about the people running for the Office of President of the United States before the Primaries cut our options.  This is one of the reasons The Tourney is starting now.  

94Million people voted on which teenager danced best in 3 hours.  110Million voted for president in 2016.  Dance competitions do not require you to know the level of judgement and the character of the individuals competing.  And you know all those competing will be out on the floor where we can watch them dance.  This is not true for candidates running for president. 

We need to know if they will recognize real solutions to our mounting  problems,  economic, environmental and social, and not make the problems worse, which has happened all too often.  

For this to happen we need time to know the candidates instead of watching carefully rehearsed performances written for us.  The Tourney makes it possible for you to ask questions, get answers, make comments - and send your own experiences and research.  

Advertising & Sponsorships

You can buy an TV or web ad using our inhouse 1st Dibs Advertising, PR and Cause Marketing Agency, or to coordinate with your outside agency.   
                Buy an TV Ad for a candidate, or for your business.  Distribution for the Tourney will be on coast-to-coast Satellite TV and multi-device streaming.
We will bill you and send an invoice. 
If you need to have your ad produced, let us know, we can help keep your costs low and show you what an 2-Way Interactive Ad can do for your business. 
Your 1-Minute Interactive TV Ad is $7,000.

Ads on our webpages are $500 for a side bar on all but the first page, where they are $1,000 for one month.  All ads can be renewed, but we expect the prices to rise as watchership increases.  

We will send you an invoice.  If you want an Interactive TV ad, and that is what we provide here, we will call to make sure you have all the information you need as soon your payment has been made.  

If you have not yet read about what happened to cause the unexpected outcomes for the 1992 Election, you should. 

PhoneVoterTV Network supplied the first Interactive experience for presidential campaigns.  It was an experiment, and like is often the case, unanticipated things happened. 

That was our first attempt to give American voters a voice, and the experience provided invaluable insights for this effort.  (ironic understatement)