Surviving Climate Change

Let the Debates Begin

It appears the DemocraticParty does not think Climate Change, and the  adjustments desperately needed to protect millions of people are relevant to the presidency.  We strongly disagree.  These special subject debates are open to all presidential candidates, and to those now considering runing because of the lack of leadership demonstrated by those in power.  

All candidates, including the minority of these affiliated with a political party, will be confronted with issues relating to the changes in climate now impacting humanity world-wide.   This is a major issue which needs to be taken up in detail as for cause of the present emergency and also for examination of the impact of human action, especially corporate evasion of risk and liability on the environment.  Participate so voters can understand the solutions which are being presented.  

Candidates - See the instructions and guidelines laid out for Debate Tourney in our Home Page Go through the Declaration - Registration Process.  

The issue of Adjustment to Climate Change refocuses attention on the impact of human action.  But looked at this way, candidates are encouraged to confront those the cause and effect brought about by industries which use government to evade accountability.  Included in these debates are all issues stemming from the cause and effect of these businesses models.  

Dave Lincoln, Director for Lincoln's Risk-Registry, will oversee the debates, adding his wisdom and insights gleaned  from his many years as a  rising star in the oil industry into which he was recruited when he was 14.  PR Executives from Union Oil walked into his Eagle Scout meeting and persuaded him oil science was more exciting than physics or space.   Leaving in 1996, he walked away from  the demand by Ken Lay of Enron he drive a pipeline across a pristine forest in Malaysia.  

If you care about the Earth, and about people, do not miss these debates.  The present lack of agreement on this issue, in our opinion, comes from the failure to understand the impact of pollution and the reality the most immediately issue is adjusting to climate change.  

How do we relocate millions of people, restore failing infrastructure and how do people get the sustainable homes they will need when these impacts are taking into account?  How do we clean up the toxic waste which is killing millions and impacting future generations?  

This survey is for you.  Think about what you would want from a President in detail.  Think about real solutions.  We respect your opinion and would like to hear about solutions you have studied.  Notice there is an Uplink so you can share your research and that of others.  

Also, for each specific proposal include an estimated cost of participants can make informed decisions.  

Thanks you for your participation!
How does CO2 fit into this picture?  Here is a Survey you can take to help you prioritize your own goals, given what is already in motion.    To get the picture, created using Big Data, Get a Eco-Emergency AppHow does CO2 fit into this picture?  Here is a Survey you can take to help you prioritize your own goals, given what is already in motion.    To get the picture, created using Big Data, Get a Eco-Emergency App on Google Play.

Issues of Immediate Concern for the Safety of People and Property and our Common World

Hydrofluoric Acid Refineries

Refineries are run without concern for the impact they cause.  This includes the impact on air quality; the immediate health and well being of people; and the threat of death to everyone in the area.  Optimizing profits requires strategies for evading potential liabilities.  Tom O' Malley is the golden boy who assisted Big Oil on this and became a billionaire doing so.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Explosive Profits
                                                 The Story of Tom O'Malley
                                    by  Dave Lincoln & Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Saturday, May 7, 2016

                                              Written for EcoAlert
                    By Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and David Lincoln


    Hotter Than Hell!!!!

              By  David Lincoln

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Heading 3

Heading 3